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Extra Palettes - The A large number of Moods of Summer

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Below it is, only the end of July and yet it feels like "Summer" is over. Specifically why? Time passes so quickly? Maybe it's because we're already seeing Fall season fashions.

"But wait, will be certainly more! " (OK, where have we heard that before? ) It is still happening and a typically glorious way, too. So, not really following the fact-but rather in exhibiting on recent memory both mental and visual-I planned to present a few color scheme ideas based on natural surroundings and a few other things, too. In the end, the "Many Feelings of Summer" includes a lot! It's not all sailing, sunny, and tulips... we have some changing mood and darkly mysterious occasions also. That's what brings the dimensional quality, it appears to me. So whether it's for paint colors interior or exterior, your home or your work environment, fashion, or maybe another view of the world, new color palettes will offer new inspiration.

Obviously, like most of you I enjoy being inspired by color combos that occur in mother nature. After all, that's where it begins. There may be of course the related risk of being redundant, or looking like a 'copier. ' Yet, that's not really been a problem for me. I just am inspired by and where inspiration strikes and, when i find it interesting to see what else is 'out there, ' I'm definitely not aimed by the colors that others present.

Waking up some day to the perfect array of yellows in glowing roses, golden glow. After that, there are the fun, multicolored roses in a range of reds and yellows. I've never seen these before they sprang in our front backyard! They elicit a laugh every day. How pleasure.

Looking past the most evident view, the juicy-looking underside of another various colored rose feels like sun hues. And viewing it previously mentioned, the same brilliant flower!

But balance is key. Much like many things, looking past the evident adds dimension. In this case, even in these floral palettes it can adding a little greatness from the surroundings that provides balance.

Talking about dimension and balance, a visit one day to Level Reyes offered a wonder, moody inspiration in a view of an old farmhouse in the center (and, the mist) of a field between woods..

Night skies supply a different kind of dramatic color scheme.

A more "neutral" type of palette is inspired by the swirling growth habits of an unique woods bark and it's amazing colors and shapes.

Items of antique wood considered from a historic building have beautiful stencilled habits and a lovely color combo that could create a mood that's joyous or calm.

Returning to a favorite place for long walks is a peaceful location that includes a view from a passage, with old, lush trees and shrubs reaching out above the stream. Each visit is an unique experience with something different to pay attention to. How can you not be inspired?

Just about every tree is as if from another world, with a completely different look. But that's no shock, just inspiring.

Then it can back to the recreation space, with it's variety of principal colors and sand!

Therefore, with my usual stipulation to not use these color selections as guidelines, or dictates, or even to recommend using them as you seem to be them together here, I expect you enjoy the mixtures.

And as always, My spouse and i invite your comments.

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